Clean Air and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air pollution is now rated as the third most important cause of ill health and it is estimated that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) costs the Australian economy $12billion annually in lost productivity. Hear insights from our three industry experts on IAQ as they discuss the effects poor indoor air quality has on the workplace, what needs to happen, and who is responsible.

GJK Webinar:
Clean Air and Indoor Air Quality

Meet our speakers:

Headshot of Tori Shephard

TORI SHEPHERD –Manager – International WELL Building Institute (IWBI)

BIO: Tori is a manager at the International WELL Building Institute, IWBI. She provides technical assistance to WELL project teams across APAC as they create healthier spaces. Tori coaches WELL portfolios to advance their ESG goals, enhance building performance and improve human well-being scale. Tori also leads WELL’s sector development for coworking and hospitality.

Speaker topic: In this webinar, Tori discusses the importance of Air Quality and how the built environment can play a critical role. Tori emphasizes that air pollution can disrupt cognitive and physical development. She discusses the elements of air quality management and strategy, such as air filters and ventilation systems, to make our offices, schools, and homes safer. Tori also explains the importance of buildings can contribute.

Headshot of Joe Scholz
JOE SCHOLZ – Environmental Engineer and Director at QED Environmental Services

BIO: Joe has been responsible for the technical development of QED’s national indoor air quality management programmes for the Commercial Property Industry, which for some buildings have now reached over 15 years.
Joe has been a member of numerous industry groups and professional associations dealing with the Built Environment and has recently been investigating the link between the Indoor Environment and health and wellbeing, and how these may be rated and improved in buildings around Australia.

Joe is a NABERS Indoor Environment Assessor, a WELL Accredited Professional, and also leads the WELL Performance Testing Organisation section at QED.

Speaker topic: Joe discusses a new concept of air ownership – who is responsible. He talks about positive occupant health outcomes and asset growth for the building owner and best practices to guarantee quality air within a building. He explains the journey of air within a building – how this can impact individuals or staff members, and the owner/facility manager can best manage this.

Headshot of Bryon Price

BYRON PRICE – Strategic Development Director at A.G. Coombs Group

BIO: Bryon is a professional engineer with long and notable experience in building services and is the Strategic Development Director for the A.G. Coombs Group of Companies. A. G. Coombs is a leading Australian provider of Whole of Life Building Services.

Bryon is a long-standing member of the Board of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating – AIRAH, and a member of the Board of Australian Refrigeration and Building Services – ARBS. He is an Australian Co-Chair of The International WELL Building Institute Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections and the Chair of the Facility Management Association (FMA).

Speaker Topic: Byron further discusses the importance of air quality from a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) viewpoint. He talks about the important role HVAC plays in IAQ and addresses what can be done to improve the quality of our indoor air. Byron also explains the importance of design/modification, operation, maintenance, and management of indoor air quality.

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