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Our commercial cleaning services

At GJK Facility Services, our goal is to provide excellent commercial cleaning services to ensure a safe workplace for employees and visitors. Be it protection against COVID-19 or regular cleaning of your infrastructure; our professionals will get the job done for you. 

Our cleaning services

At GJK Facility Services, our goal is to provide excellent commercial cleaning services to ensure a safe workplace for employees and visitors. Be it protection against COVID-19 or regular cleaning of your infrastructure; our professionals will get the job done for you.

Commercial Cleaning Services


The presentation and cleanliness of your office space is paramount to the reputation of your brand. 

As a tenant or a building owner, you want the space to make people feel happy and productive in their working environment. Hence, your facility should be hygienic, clean, and visually appealing at all times.

With a team of trained professionals, we will help you achieve this goal with our high-end equipment and quality cleaning products. As one of the leading cleaning companies in Australia, we have tried and tested cleaning methodologies, policies and procedures – all backed by ISO 9001 certified quality management systems. So, when you hire our commercial office cleaning services, you can rest assured that your office space will be cleaned to the highest standards..

GJK also ensures your sustainability goals are reached through the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment.

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry and hundreds of satisfied customers across Australia, we promise to offer cost-effective commercial cleaning solutions suited to your specific needs of productivity and safety.


With experience working in the education sector for 15+ years, we understand the importance of providing staff, students and the public with safe and fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

Our professionals will strike a healthy balance between cost-efficiency and quality while adhering to compliance requirements.

At GJK, we offer scalable and flexible resourcing solutions that meet the dynamic nature of your academic year. We also ensure our services are delivered appropriately around your timetabling, to ensure minimal disruption at all times.

GJK can also bring different facility service streams together, including cleaning, grounds, waste, pest, maintenance and more—to realise efficiencies and provide a leaner, more flexible solution, with one point of contact. We will also provide you with control and transparency through regular audits and reporting on KPIs and contract deliverables.

Our team is highly trained to deliver services in an education environment, and are appropriately vetted for police and Working with Children Checks to ensure the safety of your student population.

Education Sector Cleaning Services
medical cleaning services


When is comes to the health sector, cleanliness is of prime importance.

With more than 10 years of experience in offering medical cleaning services in surgical, clinical, and research departments, we play an essential role in preventing cross-contamination or infection in various facilities by following the specific requirements associated with cleanliness in this sector.

Our team is trained to understand the strict codes of practices and protocols necessary to avoid cross-contamination or cases of infections. They are also trained in their role to support the patient journey and provide the best in customer service to patients and staff in their interactions.

When you have our professionals working in your healthcare facilities, you can rest assured that the environment will be clean and sterile, maintaining both GJK’s exacting standards and the clinical standards of the medical facility.

When you have GJK by your side, you are bound to pass all regulatory audits and requirements mandated in the health sector with flying colours.

Government Office Cleaning


Our experience of office cleaning and maintaining government assets for at least 30 years has made us fully aware of the complexities involved in working with multiple stakeholders across multiple sites.

Our government contracts mean we understand the exacting requirements of working within varying buildings from brand new 6-star rated complexes to heritage-listed government sites.

We ensure our teams strictly adhere to the protocols, policies and processes your work environment requires. Our experience has enabled us to hone our strong safety, security and governance policies and processes to align with your requirements and help you achieve compliance.

We create a tailored, value-driven service delivery model for each customer and our trained experts will ensure that you receive services that are safe and high-quality.

Government Office Cleaning
Industrial Cleaning Services


The industrial sector demands a strong adherence to processes, systems and safety guidelines.

Having experience of 10+ years in food production facilities, refineries, and warehouses, we will play an active role in keeping your facility safe and secure.

Our team of specialist cleaners offer an exceptional quality of service to ensure the hygiene and cleanliness of your facilities. You can be confident that our professionals will follow the standard operating procedures and stringent cleaning requirements of your industry, including:

  • TGA compliance & audits
  • GMP compliance
  • Specialised training requirements
  • Sensitive area cleaning procedures (such as washrooms, toilets, clean rooms, cool rooms, freezer rooms, etc.)
  • Industry-specific quality requirements
  • Industry-specific OHS requirements


The safety and travelling experience of your customers is highly critical.

With more than 10 years of experience in the transport sector, we do everything in our power to ensure the cleanliness, hygiene, and safety of your transport environment.

Our team of experienced cleaners will take care of all your important infrastructure as well as public areas, concourses, washrooms and office facilities, through to your aeroplanes and rolling stock in cost-effective packages. 

Our scalable and flexible facility cleaning services are designed to meet each customer’s individual needs and to maintain your infrastructure to the highest possible standard. With GJK by your side, you can be assured that your travelling public will have a safe and pleasant experience in a clean environment free of litter, grime and graffiti.

Transport Cleaning Services
COVID-19 Cleaning Services
COVID-19 Cleaning Services


Living through a pandemic, we realise the importance of good hygiene and cleanliness more than ever to keep the people around us protected. 

Preventative cleans

High touchpoint areas— doors, kitchen benches, light switches etc—are breeding grounds for germs. At GJK, we offer preventative cleans to reduce the risk of infection through increased frequency of general cleaning and touchpoint cleaning services.

We use a higher-grade disinfectant specifically for our preventative COVID cleaning to ensure the safety of visitors and employees in your facility.

By choosing GJK as your partner for preventative cleans, you’ll have peace of mind even when you haven’t used your facility for a long time. And in case you are experiencing a busy work period and want to get sorted with the base level office cleaning, our preventative commercial cleaning services may be just what you need. You can expect your entire facility to be hygienic and safe for your workers and guests.

Infectious cleans

With a team of professionals trained in infectious cleaning, we are here to help you decontaminate all areas in your facility using specific high-grade disinfectants best suited for the virus or pathogen.

At GJK, we have a 24-hour response time, which means our teams can be at your facility quickly, ensuring minimal disruptions to your operations.

We’re here to help with your cleaning needs.

We’re here to help with your cleaning needs.





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