What We Do


Providing peace of mind so you can get on with your business

The appearance of your office, building or facility is a reflection of you and your brand. Offices that look dirty, have unkept grounds or graffiti on walls impact people’s perception of you.

Everyday we’re helping businesses, just like yours, by providing highly skilled cleaners and facility support specialists to ensure your facilities are always looking their best.

We provide peace of mind that your facilities are in capable hands, enabling you to get on with your business.



With over 30+ years’ experience, cleaning is what we know best. We can provide a single service solution to an integrated cleaning solution depending on what your business need is.


We understand how the presentation of your office space is a reflection of your brand and reputation.  Whether you’re the building owner or the tenant, you want an office space that is clean, hygienic and looking its absolute best all the time.  You want a space that makes you and your people feel great.

We help you achieve this through our well trained, quality people and the use of environmentally preferred cleaning products and equipment.  Leaving your office space clean and free of chemical smells and toxins.

With over 25 years’ experience we will work with you to develop a cost-effective cleaning solution that best suits your needs without compromising safety or productivity.


We have been working in the education sector for over 15 years.  We understand how important it is for you to provide your students, staff and the public the best experience possible by delivering safe, fit-for-purpose infrastructure.  We also understand the need for you to optimize the balance between quality and cost efficiency, whilst adhering to compliance requirements.

Our experience in the education sector has enable us to develop flexible and scalable resourcing solutions, where we can aggregate various facility service streams with cleaning to provide you with the efficiencies you want.  Work in partnership, we will provide you with the transparency and control you require over your assets through technology integration.

We can assure you that our people will ensure your students, staff and the public are provided great experiences by ensuring your facilities are well presented and maintained at all times.

We have provided them with the tools and equipment to enable them to work safely and ensure the people around them are safe.


Cleanliness is of primary importance in the health sector, so we understand the important role we play as cleaners in helping you ensure cross contamination or infection doesn’t occur in your facilities.

With over 10 years’ experience providing a range of medical cleaning services in clinical, surgical and research areas mean we truly understand the specific requirements and risks associated with this sector. We understand the extreme level of due diligence and strict adherence to protocols and codes of practices needed to ensure cross contamination or infection doesn’t occur.

You can have peace of mind that our people in your health facilities are highly trained and supported by our sterile environment cleaning and maintenance policies and procedures.

With you, we will ensure you pass the various regulatory requirements and audits required within the health sector.


We have been maintaining government assets for over 30 years. We understand the complexities of working across multiple sites and with multiple stakeholders.

We understand the strict adherence to protocols, policies and processes your work environment requires.  This experience has enabled us to develop and hone our strong safety, security and governance policies and processes to align and help you achieve your compliance requirements.

Through our highly training people and service delivery model, you can be assured we will deliver you value for money without compromising quality and safety.


We understand the importance of strong adherence to systems, processes and safety guidelines the industrial sector requires.  With over 10 years experience in food production facilities, warehouses and refineries, we understand this and the critical role we play in ensuring your facility remains safe and secure.

Our team of specialist cleaners will ensure you’re provided with the quality of service you require to ensure your facilities are kept clean and hygienic.  Our experience means we understand the stringent cleaning requirements and standard operating procedures relevant to the industry including:

  • GMP compliance
  • Sensitive area cleaning procedures (eg. Clean rooms, wash rooms and toilets, freezer rooms, cool rooms)
  • TGA compliance and audits
  • Specialised training requirements
  • Industry specific OHS requirements
  • Industry specific Quality requirements


Your customers travelling experience, their safety and your people’s safety are critical areas for the transport sector.  With over 10 years’ experience we understand this and the critical role we play in helping you achieve this.

From your concourses, infrastructure assets, washrooms and facilities to your rolling stock and aero planes, our team of experienced cleaners will ensure you are provided with the quality of service required.  We will ensure your customers have positive travelling experiences by keeping your facilities and assets clean and hygienic.

Our flexible and scalable cleaning resource solutions and programs enables us to maintain your facilities and infrastructure assets to the highest possible standard. This enables us to ensure your assets are free of graffiti, litter and grime and looking their best always.

Working with you, we will help ensure the safety of your customers.  Through safe work practices and accredited management systems we have developed, we ensure our people are empowered and provided the right tools to work safely.  Plus, our safety philosophy of “you see it, you own it” means our cleaners will help you identify potential safety risks by reporting any hazards they may see whilst working.




With over 20 years’ experience we have been helping companies, just like yours maintain their grounds so they are always looking their best.

Grounds Maintenance

We understand the importance of your facilities looking their best. Unsightly weeds, overgrown lawns and flower beds can have a negative impact on your facility. They can make your facility it appear dirty and uncared for giving people a negative perception of your business and brand.

This is where our highly professional grounds team can help you. Through a tailored maintenance program, we can ensure your grounds are kept looking their best all year round. From lawn maintenance, pruning, mulching to weed control we will be able to help you maintain the grounds on your facility.

Landscape Management /Maintenance

An attractive, well-maintained landscape is inviting and showcases your facility.

Our highly professional grounds team will use their horticultural knowledge to create beautiful landscapes for your situation. They will consider what plants are best suited for your location, the actual location of your facility and its surrounds and functionality of the area in which the landscape is situated.

A detailed maintenance program will then ensure your landscape continues to grow and flourish and remains beautiful all year.

Irrigation Solutions

We understand water is a precious commodity. That’s why efficient use of water and water management is important, not only to your plants but also your bottom line.

You want to ensure the beautiful gardens and landscapes you have built around your facilities are kept looking their best all year round, but in a sustainable way. Our experienced grounds team will work with you to identify different water collection and minimisation strategies.

Be it utilising your facility roofs to collect rainwater to identifying different types of irrigation systems we will develop the best irrigation solution for your situation. Minimising your water usage, whilst ensuring your plants are cared for all year round.

Tree/Arborist Services

Unhealthy or dead trees are not only unsightly but a safety risk, so it’s important to ensure trees you are responsible for on your property are kept healthy and risk free.

This is where we can help you.

Our highly experience, licensed arborists can come and removed unhealthy or dead trees / branches. You can also engage us to undertake health checks of the trees on your property to identify any trees that may have become diseased or are becoming a potential risk to either your property, other people’s property or people.

Be it branches close to powerlines or hanging over buildings, clogging gutters with leaves, this proactive approach enables you to identify and eliminate potential risks before something happens.




We have the experience, knowledge and expertise to help you restore your damaged assets back to their former glory, making your property look its best again.

Graffiti Removal/Protective Coatings

How the facade of your building looks is a reflection of you. Unsightly graffiti can have a dramatic and negative impact on the appearance of your building. If left alone, one tag can quickly grow into whole areas or walls being covered with graffiti.

To help you counteract this from occurring, our experienced rapid response graffiti removal team can remove graffiti within a 24-48 hours of detection. Our experience has shown that rapid removal counteracts further graffiti being sprayed due to reduced exposure of work and consequent recognition from peers. Meaning the likelihood of replacement graffiti is reduced.

Experienced in graffiti removal from masonry, porous and painted surfaces, our specialist restoration team will assess your specific needs to identify the best solution for your job.

You can be sure that whatever solution used, be it using environmentally friendly removal agent and pressure washing to colour matching and painting over the graffiti we will remove the graffiti and have your surface looking as good as new in no time.

Once your surfaces have been cleaned, we provide you with the option to seal and protect the surface for future years.

Pressure Washing

Dirty and unsightly surfaces not only look bad, but they could be a safety risk to you, your people or your customers. Mould or grime build up on footpaths and surfaces people walk across could increase the risk of someone slipping over.

Using state of the art equipment, our experienced operational team can clean all types of exterior surfaces with both high and low-pressure specialist cleaning jets.

Using environmentally friendly products that remove mould, algae, efflorescence, oil, dirt and grime build up from all types of surfaces.

Flood Restoration

Be it mother nature unleashing her fury on us or a burst water main, floods happen and when they do they leave behind a massive mess to clean up.

Our experience has taught us that fast mobilisation is key to successful flood restoration. The faster you can extract the water and start drying out the affected area the better the outcomes you will get. The longer you take to start the drying process the higher the risk of mould growing.

This is where we can come in and help you. We have teams of people trained in flood restoration across the country that can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to multiple sites. Our people plus our use of the latest technology and equipment means we can help get you back into fully functioning facilities in no time.

Escalator/Travellator Restoration

The steps and risers are the first thing your customers look at when they walk towards an escalator / travellator. Dirty escalators / travellators make your facility look unclean and give your customers a negative perception of your business.

Dirty steps and risers are also creating a safety hazard to you. Build-up of debris can affect the mechanics of the escalator / travellator and pose a fire risk, resulting in expensive repair costs to you.

We provide the latest technology to turn drab, dirty escalators / travellators back to their best. Our machine enables escalators / travellators to be cleaned without the inconvenience of dismantling steps and risers and it scrubs and dries at the same time.

This means minimal disruption to your business with your escalator / travellator being ready to go in minutes.

Soft & Hard Floor Restoration

It could be said your floors are one of your most important assets as they are what people walk over every day. So, the condition of your floors is paramount to your business. Dirty, badly kept floors reflect badly on your brand and can also create safety risks.

We have over 30 years’ experience in floor restoration. Working around your schedule, we can undertake the remedial works required to restore badly neglected or deteriorated floor surfaces to their former glory.

Our flooring specialists will examine the surface to determine the best solution to use, be it strip and seal, steam clean through to bonastere. We will then recommend the proper cleaning, maintenance and care that should be undertaking to ensure the longevity of your asset going forward.




From minor electrical / plumbing jobs to fixing broken door handles we can help you with small maintenance and handyman jobs.

The beauty of using us for these small jobs is it saves you having to go and deal with another service provider.

Our team of qualified trade people take pride in their work and live by the motto “do it right the first time”. We want to ensure you’re provided with exceptional results each time through quality work.


Support Services


We have been managing support services for our customers for over 20 years, taking out the hassle of our customers having to deal with multiple service providers.

Waste Management

Sustainability is important and we can help you achieve your sustainability goals by helping you reduce your waste in the most environmentally responsibility and cost-effective way.

We can help provide you reliable, flexible waste management solutions. Be it for food waste, mixed office waste to mixed commercial / industrial waste we will ensure your waste is disposed in accordance with current EPA regulations.

Hygiene Services

Poor hygiene is a risk to your people and your business’s reputation.

Maintaining excellent workplace hygiene has shown to raise productivity whilst reducing illnesses at work, so having a hygienic workplace is of utmost importance.

Working with you to identify your hygiene needs, we can then help provide you with customised hygiene service solutions for your washrooms and kitchen areas.

Pest Control

Pests can be very disruptive to your facility. They can spread bacteria, disease and be harmful to not only your property, but your customers and people.

We can help you overcome these pains by providing you with pest management solutions to control these disruptions. We have been doing this for other customers for over xx years.

From infestations removal to pest control solutions from birds to cockroaches, we will help find the best environmentally friendly pest control solutions for you.

Consumable Supplies

We can help take the hassle out of you purchasing washroom, kitchen or cleaning supplies by taking on this responsibility for you.

Through our extensive supply network, we will be able to manage your cleaning and washroom consumable requirements. From towel dispensers, toilet paper through to emergency cleaning kits we can ensure your facilities are always stocked.