How We Work


Designing bespoke, innovative service solutions for you

At the heart of our approach is you.
Listening to you helps us identify your problems, enabling us to design bespoke, innovative service solutions for you.



DISCOVER: Delving into your information, whether it be data you’ve provided or conversations with you, we sift through the noise to identify your key problems.

DESIGN: Upon the problem being defined, we then start designing potential solutions. Starting wide, we work back in, looking at the role technology and sustainability could play to develop the best service solution for you.

DELIVER: This is the start of our partnership with you, where our people and your people work together to achieve your business needs.


It doesn’t stop here. Our model is continuous. Upon delivery, we go back to the start and work through the process again. This ensures there is continual improvement and innovation in the service solutions provided as and when your business needs change.

How we work


We look at how robotics, nano technology or smart technology could be utilized. How could these technologies be used in your service solution to generate smarter solutions, greater efficiencies and better business results for you.

How we work


We help you care for our planet through the use of environmentally friendly chemicals and equipment. This means reduced air pollution, noise emissions; chemical waste and energy consumption.
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How we work

Your employees will be free from toxins and bad chemical smell. We will also help you minimise your waste and ensure organic and recyclable materials don’t end up in landfill.


Through our grounds maintenance services, we can provide advice and solutions on how your grounds and gardens can thrive sustainable through correct planting for conditions through to irrigation systems that will control water usage.


24 hour customer service centre

We are here to help you 24/7. No matter what the problem you can have peace of mind that you will be able to speak to someone who will be able to help.

Customer support


Our certified accredited management systems set out the requirements for managing the impact of our operations.



At the heart of safety is people.

We believe all injuries are preventable.

At the heart of health and safety is people and our people are our greatest asset.
That’s why we believe that all injuries are preventable. We work hard to empower our people with the knowledge, tools and importantly the authority to stop work if they feel their safety, the safety of their workmates or your safety is at risk.

How we ensure our people are healthy and safe

We strive to live safely through the strong safety culture we are building and our people aligning themselves to our core safety beliefs:
All injuries are preventable
I am responsible for my own safety and the safety of my workmates
I have the power to stop work if I feel my safety or the safety of others is at risk
This is underpinned by our safety framework and safety principles. They provide our people the guidance, leadership, governance, policies, procedures, work processes and tools they need to feel empowered and work safely.
We are constantly on the lookout for the wellbeing of our people and yours.

our safety framework


Ensuring the appropriate management structures are in place and reviewed regularly


Providing the policies, procedures, instructions and work processes required to do job safely


Using lead and lag metrics to assess our performance and continually improve how we do safety


Engaging our people by sharing knowledge and learnings through safety alerts and toolboxs which enable two-way conversations around safety


Providing ongoing training and support to ensure our people are appropriately trained and competent to undertake their work safely


Educating and raising awareness of wellbeing and ensuring support mechanisms are in place for our people to use

We want everyone to return home safe

Demonstrating safe behaviours, making better informed choices, seeking continual improvement and promoting sustainable ways of doing things. This is the safety culture we are developing. These are the practices are people are doing. These are the things that will protect them and you from harm, ensuring all return home safe every day.

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