Clean Air and IAQ Webinar Image
18 Aug: Clean Air and Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air pollution is now rated as the third most important cause of ill health and it is estimated that poor indoor air quality (IAQ) costs the Australian economy $12billion annually in lost productivity. Hear insights from our three industry experts on IAQ as they discuss the effects poor indoor air quality has on the workplace, what needs to happen, and who is responsible.
Net Zero Webinar Image
18 Aug: The NetZero Journey
Climate science is evolving rapidly, suggesting that buildings need to move now and move quickly to achieve NetZero by 2050. Listen to three sustainability experts speak about what the built environment needs to do to achieve this goal and what challenges businesses face in reducing emissions to NetZero.
How far have we really come with Indigenous Engagement and Social Procurement?
20 Jul: Indigenous Engagement and Procurement
How far have we really come with Indigenous Engagement and Procurement? Hear insights from three Indigenous Engagement Specialists about the journey of the Indigenous economy, what they see as benefits, challenges and the way forward for Australian businesses to work productively with the Indigenous business sector.

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