Privacy Policy

GJK Facility Services and its associated Service Providers shall comply with the ten National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Amendments (Private Sector) Act 2000.

When personal information is detailed on various Company documents it should be read and understood by the person prior to completing and authorising for use by GJK Facility Services.

The personal information is required for the business activities of the Company and will not be used for other purposes.

Persons should be aware that the personal information may be used in order to obtain a report from trade suppliers (business interests only) including an exchange of information with other organisations.

Personal information is retained in a secure environment. Persons requiring access to their personal information should apply to their Manager in writing. The person will be informed of the information held, the security arrangement and for what reason this information is held.

If the applicant is of the opinion that the personal information is not correct, complete and up to date, or should not be held by GJK Facility Services and they can substantiate such a claim, then GJK Facility Services will take all reasonable steps to correct the record.