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Case study: Floor Restoration at University Function Centre

GJK 's expertise in floor restoration and repair provided significant value for our university customer.

GJK Case Study:
Floor Restoration at University Function Centre

WSU Floor Restoration

Our expertise in floor restoration techniques and commitment to innovation yielded substantial customer benefits.

The Customer, Situation and Need

GJK has delivered cleaning services to a major university customer in NSW since 2011. This multi-campus university has approximately 50,000 students and 3,500 staff. We manage over 90 cleaners who provide services across the 15 campus locations, ensuring clean and hygienic environments. We deliver general cleaning, periodicals, pressure washing, floor scrubbing, window cleaning, car-park cleaning, waste management and consumable supply.

Within the flagship campus for the university, there is a large function and entertainment space, approximately 600 sqm in size. This area is heavily used by the university and is also hired for private events. As such, the aesthetic of this area is very important, and it is considered one of the most prestigious areas within the university.

Through regular wear and tear, the Bolon floor (a type of woven vinyl flooring made from recycled plastic) in the common function area was stained, scuffed and looking tired and faded. Regular cleaning and scrubbing were not making enough of an impact and the floor aesthetic did not meet the requirements of a high-class function area.

Desired Outcome

Our university customer needed to drastically improve the look of the function floor and was considering replacement. To replace the Bolan floor for 600sqm, would cost the client upwards of $70,000.

GJK Solution

As experts in floor restoration, GJK consulted with the customer and requested we trial some new floor scrubbing techniques and machinery before considering costly floor replacement. With a long history of floor maintenance, our Key Account Director conducted trials using a Duplex 420 floor scrubber.

The Duplex 420 is an all-in-one floor scrubber / washer / dryer. It works differently from other scrubbers – cleaning forward to back rather than sideways and the steam function penetrates deep into pores. GJK uses this machine with a neutral detergent so as not to cause any floor damage.

Initial trials on patch areas appeared to remove heavy stains and marks. With this success, GJK restored the entire 600sqm area over a weekend, to avoid interrupting university activities.


Using the Duplex 420, GJK made the floor look new and it was unrecognizable! All hard-to-remove stains, built-in-grime and marks were gone, leaving the floor pristine. Our customer was delighted with the result, commenting:

“A huge thanks for organising the specialised clean of the Bolon flooring on level 9, our most prestigious area within the University. The floor has come up amazing, and avoids us ripping up the floor and replacing it, which was suggested.” 

GJK’s expertise in floor restoration techniques and commitment to innovation and delivering value to the customer saved considerable cost and time in replacing this floor.