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Celebrating Excellence: The GJK Award and the Power of Employee Recognition

Get ready to applaud the stars of dedication and excellence! Fourteen outstanding employees took centre stage at the dazzling GJK Awards hosted at The Atlantic Restaurant, where their unwavering commitment to excellence and embodiment of GJK's core values were celebrated.

Celebrating Excellence: The GJK Award and the Power of Employee Recognition

GJK's 2023 Award Winners L to R: Director of Operations, Lyall Johaan, Robert Sikaloski (CXer Award), Khandakar Ratul Faruk (Risk Reducer Award), Advisory Board Member, Kris Greenwood, Lushane N P W Senarath Arachchige Don (Overall 2023 GJK Award winner), Indrajith Mudalige KMC (Innovator Award), Customer Service Manager, Sasha Mesaroski and Advisory Board Chair, Rick Koumouris

The GJK Way is the values and behaviours that make GJK who we are.

At the heart of GJK Facility Services is a commitment to excellence and a thriving culture that is not just aspirations but a way of life. This commitment is encapsulated in the GJK Way – a set of values and behaviors that guide GJK’s employees to act with safety, responsibility, and compassion. As a testament to this dedication, we annually host the GJK Award, a celebration of employees who embody these values in their daily endeavors.

The GJK Award is not just a recognition program; it’s a reflection of our core beliefs and a testament to the exceptional efforts of our employees. This year, the competition was fiercer than ever, with dedicated individuals vying for recognition in four distinct categories: The Collaborator, The CXer, The Innovator, and The Risk Reducer.

The Collaborator Award celebrates those who go above and beyond in building and sustaining relationships within the company, ensuring we remain a leading provider of facility services. The finalists – Sushil Luitel, Nora Higuera, Thalia McQueen, and Johnathan Fotinos – exemplify compassion, openness, and a commitment to creating a diverse and collaborative work environment.

In the realm of customer experience, The CXer Award recognises individuals who engage with customers and fellow employees to create positive, lasting impressions. Robert Sikaloski, Lushane N P W Senarath Arachchige Don, Natalie Davies, and Bijaya Raj Adhikari have stood out for their exceptional ability to make customers feel valued and cared for.

The Innovator Award celebrates those who continuously push the boundaries, seeking better, smarter, and more effective ways of doing things. Peter Stamas and Indrajith Mudalige KMC have demonstrated outstanding creativity and a commitment to challenging the status quo for the benefit of the business, customers, and the community.

Safety is paramount at GJK, and The Risk Reducer Award acknowledges individuals who actively contribute to the safety culture, reducing business risks. Pradip GC, Steve Manos, Marcela Benites, and Khandakar Ratul Faruk have gone above and beyond in promoting safety awareness and leading by example.

And the Winners Are…

As the drumroll of anticipation settles, the winners emerge:

  • Collaborator Award – Nora Higuera
  • CXer Award – Robert Sikaloski
  • Innovator Award – Indrajith Mudalige KMC
  • Risk Reducer Award – Khandakar Ratul Faruk

Overall GJK Award Winner 2023

Yet, the pinnacle of recognition, the Overall GJK Facility Services Award for 2023, went to Lushane N P W Senarath Arachchige Don – a shining example of dedication and commitment to the GJK Way.