Are Commercial Office Defits Worth the Price?

Professional commercial office defit providers safely manage all aspects of the office defit process so you don't have to lift a finger.

Commercial Office Defits | GJK Facility Services

Changing offices is necessary from time to time. This could be for a myriad of reasons and you may find you need to upsize or even downsize your office space.

Commercial Office Defits

Moving offices often becomes necessary for all types of businesses. You will need to fulfill your ‘Make Good’ obligations with a professional, safe and compliant commercial office defits provider who can provide a value-for-money service.

Moving offices often becomes necessary for all types of businesses. This could either be because your employees now exceed the amount of space available in your office or in fact you want to downsize due to hybrid working changes. You may even be looking to change locations or undergoing a rebranding and want your office to reflect your business’s new outlook. In any of these cases, you will need to fulfill your ‘Make Good’ obligations in your lease agreement before leaving, which usually requires the help of professional commercial office defits providers.

What is an office defit?

At the end of a lease, commercial office renters are required to strip the space down to the base building condition. This allows the new owners to have a clear space to customise according to their own business needs without spending time and money in first stripping it down.

Commercial office defits involve the removal of all items within the property, from equipment, technology and furniture to partitions and false ceilings, signage, shelving, cabinetry, some fixtures and other fittings which are not part of the base building “shell”. We, at GJK Facility Services, pride ourselves on our ability to efficiently carry out office defits and adhere to safety guidelines so your business, your employees and our team are all safe in the process.

Why choose a professional office defit company like GJK Facility Services?

Demolition work, repairs and installation of walls and floors, carpentry work, painting and redecorating, all require the help of professionals. Usually, you’re going to need multiple tradespersons to conduct all of these jobs, quickly adding up both costs and waste from the defit.

By choosing GJK Facility Services, you’re getting a one-stop-shop to all your commercial office defit needs. Not only do we have the expertise and handymen to conduct all the jobs above, we’ll also take care of all the waste generated so you don’t have to lift a finger!

More time to focus on your business

As a business owner, you have more important things to be doing than repainting the walls of the office you’re vacating. You’d rather be getting your new office set up or dealing with your customers or doing what you do best. Which is why it is essential to leave the defit of your old office to those who do it best: GJK Facility Services.

Bond Retrieval

A condition of getting your bond back in full depends on how well you restore the property to its original condition. Not only can the penalties of violating a ‘Make Good’ clause be very high, it could also damage your business’s reputation as most real estate agencies keep thorough records of how the property was given to you and how it was returned.

We, at GJK Facility Services, leave a space looking as if it was never inhabited in the first place, providing you with the best opportunity to get your bond back in full!

Safety and Compliance

Our team is highly trained in the highest safety standards and industry regulations, guidelines and protocols and have all the tools necessary to conduct commercial office defits safely and efficiently without injury to themselves and others.

GJK defits are fully certified and compliant to Australian Standards to ensure you are handing over a fully compliant space that is a clean empty shell ready for refitting or re-leasing.

An office defit is a major job that is best left to the professionals. GJK Facility Services is a complete facility maintenance service with experience of over 30 years in the business. Big or small, we can conduct any size of commercial office defits!