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Empowering University Students in Pursuit of Educational Excellence

What better way to support the brilliant minds at Western Sydney University than a $50,000 donation for endowed prizes.

Empowering University Students in Pursuit of Educational Excellence

GJK's Director of Operations, Lyall Johaan, with Chancellor of Western Sydney University, Jennifer Westacott AO at this year's WSU Giving Day.

“Giving is in our DNA” says George Stamas, Founder & Managing Director GJK Facility Services.

In a world where corporate social responsibility is gaining increasing importance, GJK Facility Services is committed to helping make a difference in our world. For three decades, we have invested in initiatives and programs that benefit the wider community, foster sustainable outcomes, and have a positive social impact.

With our company purpose to provide better experiences and better outcomes to our customers, employees, and communities in which we work, we have a genuine commitment to give back generously. “Giving is in our DNA,” says George Stamas, Founder & Managing Director of GJK Facility Services. “I believe businesses like ours have a responsibility to help change lives, and that is why GJK is heavily involved with a range of charities, foundations, not-for-profit organisations, and communities in which we work”.

Investing in Education an Skills Development

GJK firmly believes in the power of education and its ability to transform lives. As a result, we have invested significantly in various educational initiatives by offering scholarships, internships, and partnerships with educational institutions over the years and is why we chose to support Western Sydney University with our $50,000 donation for endowed prizes.

“Our decision to support Western Sydney University and its students is driven by several factors,” said GJK CEO, Elias Stamas. “Firstly, we recognise the exceptional quality of education provided by the university. The institution’s commitment to academic excellence, innovative research, and an inclusive learning environment aligns with our values and goals.

Furthermore, we are inspired by the university’s dedication to serving the local community and fostering social and economic development in Western Sydney. By supporting the university and its students, we are contributing to the growth and success of the region by empowering talented individuals to achieve their full potential.

We firmly believe that education is a catalyst for positive change, and by investing in the education of students at Western Sydney University, we are investing in the future of our community and society as a whole.”

Giving Back

Through our Giving Back Program, GJK supports local charities and organisations like The Lighthouse Foundation, Kids for Cancer, and the Epworth Foundation to name a few. Recognising that giving back is an essential part of our existence, we actively seek opportunities to contribute to the welfare of our community. From sponsoring fundraising events to organising volunteer drives, the company stands at the forefront of charitable activities.

To further encourage our team’s spirit of generosity and community involvement, our Giving Back Program provides volunteering opportunities. These initiatives provide employees with opportunities to participate in charitable events and community service projects, instilling a sense of fulfillment and pride in their workforce.

Giving back is part of GJK’s DNA. We are proud to support organisations like Western Sydney University as we genuinely believe in investing in the future and communities in which we work.