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Tech Transformation in Commercial Cleaning Services

In the cleaning industry, we are seeing a host of new equipment entering the market rapidly. However, IoT and robotics remain stand-out technologies for their power to truly transform how commercial cleaning is delivered.

Tech Transformation in Commercial Cleaning Services

Technology in the commercial cleaning industry

At GJK, we have embraced the latest technologies, including IoT sensor technology & AI robotics to deliver a more efficient, safer and quality cleaning service.

Like other industries today, the cleaning sector has seen much technological growth. While nothing is more important than professional, trained cleaners who understand optimal cleaning methodologies, new technologies can make the cleaning service ‘smarter’ and more responsive to the end-user. Much of the technology aims to increase the productivity of commercial cleaning services, providing better value to customers.

At GJK Facility Services, we have embraced the latest technologies – including IoT sensor technology and AI robotics – to deliver a more efficient, transparent, safer, and better-quality cleaning service. We look at how these changes will improve your experience with our commercial cleaning company.

Smart IoT Technology

When we think of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we usually think of smart speakers or thermostats within our homes. Indeed, it is now commonplace in our domestic environments to have connected devices that use sensors and software to share data with other devices over the internet.

In the cleaning industry, IoT sensor technology is used in many devices across a facility to capture information and report on issues to improve cleaning programs. GJK’s revolutionary IoT Sensor Technology, for example, will alert cleaners in real-time when sensors detect there are empty soap and towel dispensers or overfull bins, so they can quickly rectify the problem. Before this, cleaners would deal with these issues based on their scheduled cleaning rounds or upon complaints from patrons. Smart Tech allows a commercial cleaning company to deliver a more responsive service.

Further to this, IoT technology – like beacons and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags – allows cleaning managers to see when cleaning actions in specific rooms took place. Such technologies can deliver service verification and peace of mind to customers that an area was cleaned as per the scope.

Data Analytics

The most revolutionary aspect of IoT technology in cleaning is how data can be captured, analyzed, and interpreted to make insightful changes to how services are delivered. IoT sensor technologies come with advanced data analytics software, enabling cleaning companies to study trends to better understand the cleaning needs of spaces and plan operations accordingly.

Data provided by IoT-equipped dispensers and bins can be ‘mined’ to see trends and create more accurate cleaning schedules. Trends will tell us when bins are likely to be near full or when dispensers are likely to need replenishing, allowing schedules to be adjusted accordingly. A cleaner will therefore waste less time ‘doing the rounds’ to check on their status and instead spend their time on value-added cleaning services, giving an overall more productive and quality cleaning service.

Via occupancy monitoring sensors, a commercial cleaning company can also track how many people are in the building and the areas used the most. With this data, services can be adjusted for maximum efficiency based on what areas experience the most traffic and will need the most attention, allowing us to deliver a highly tailored and performance-based solution.

Big data from IoT sensors installed by your commercial cleaning company also has various benefits for better building management. For example, occupancy data can be shared with facility managers, who can then make intelligent decisions on energy or space-saving solutions based on how the building is used. This may be particularly useful in the post-pandemic world with the sporadic, ever-changing use of our office spaces.


In a busy office or public space, it is important to maximize cleaning while avoiding disruption to patrons. These days, robotics play an increasingly important role in commercial cleaning services, with AI-Powered cleaning robots able to deliver excellent quality, efficiency and safety outcomes.

GJK has a fleet of vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing robots that have transformed how we deliver cleaning solutions to our customers. The robots work autonomously, following a mapped path through facilities, and can improve their routes over time as they become more familiar with the space. Safe interactions with patrons are paramount, so the robots are unobtrusive and have in-built safety functions.

A single cleaner can seamlessly operate several cleaning robots via a mobile app at the same time. This increases cleaning efficiency and frees the cleaning workforce to perform higher-value supervisory tasks. Deploying IoT technology, robot fleets can talk to one another to improve path productivity and deliver data on work completed and real-time reporting. Such insightful data enables commercial cleaners to provide service transparency to customers and adjust the robot’s activities for even greater productivity gains.

In the cleaning industry, we are seeing a host of new equipment entering the market rapidly. However, IoT and robotics remain stand-out technologies for their power to truly transform how commercial cleaning is delivered. These technologies provide unprecedented access to big data to drive better decision-making for a more tailored and responsive cleaning service. Should you have any further questions about how we can optimize cleaning at your facility, please get in touch with GJK Facility Services, and our helpful team will guide you through the possibilities at your site.